Mission Statement

WECW-FM is licensed as an educational, noncommercial radio station. Its program material, both local and acquired, should support the Federal Communications Commission (herein referred to as “the F.C.C.”) charge to operate in the public interest and should reflect the stated educational aims of Elmira College.

WECW-FM will also operate as an educational tool to the members of the organization. It will function to expose the members to as many facets of the radio industry as is possible: including, but not limited to, logs, online streaming, and on-the-air responsibilities.

WECW-FM will serve as a medium of entertainment for the campus and surrounding community operating under minimum, but succinct, guidelines developed and implemented by the Board of Directors (herein referred to as “the Board”). Good taste shall be one criterion for judging the merit of entertaining programming.

WECW-FM will also serve as a resource for the college community. Members will be prepared to serve as DJs for events hosted by other clubs or the college administration.